Barina Series Excel Slimlime Drawer System (H172mm)

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Barina Series Excel Slimlime Drawer System (H172mm)



Excel's Barina Series brings to you the complete 'drawer package' that would help in optimizing of storage space with advanced features. Accompanied by accessories needed to assemble and commission the drawer, the 172mm long drawer would be ready o render its services within moments. The soft close feature makes discordant and jarring noise a thing of the past. Even if you slam the drawer close or yank it opeen, the violent energy would be absorbed by ball bearing powered runners. The drawer does not require full application of your muscular power. Just a small push or a casual pull would cause the drawer body to slide open or close. Connectors, brackets, slides, runners and other items required to get the drawer up and running have been packed together with the set. You can assemble the same in DIY mode or ask the services of a handyman. The installation guide is provided along with the set for your ready reference. The drawer elements have been manufactured out of industry grade superlative quality metal, alloys, hardened plastic and composite substances. The plating on the surface of metallic parts ensure that rusting, corrosion, abrasion, fatigue induced wear and tear, age induced breakage, pressure mounted deformities or buckling won't occur. The drawer has been prices competitively and won't burn a hole in your pocket. It is capable of dynamically bearing load to the capacity of 25 kg. The load enduring capacity of the drawer has been tested in simulated conditions and certified. You can use the drawer in home, office, commercial installations, industry and all other appropriate locations. Enjoy absolute peace of mind with the assurance of EXCEL. The milky white hue of the drawer adds to the visual appeal of the decor of the room in which it is installed. Order Now!!

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EXCEL-SLB87-270W: W270mm x H172
EXCEL-SLB87-300W: W300mm x H172
EXCEL-SLB87-350W: W350mm x H172
EXCEL-SLB87-400W: W400mm x H172
EXCEL-SLB87-450W: W450mm x H172
EXCEL-SLB87-500W: W500mm x H172
EXCEL-SLB87-550W: W550mm x H172

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Barina Series Excel Slimlime Drawer System (H172mm)