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Macario Electric Tatami Lift Table Fitting

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  • Smart voltage & remote control function
  • Convenient child lock function (Remote Control Function)
  • Smart anti-pinch technology (Anti-pinch force est.15kgs)
  • Overload protection to keep the system running smoothly
  • Temperature control setting
  • Pairing/Memory function

Modernize your living interior with our innovative Macario Electric Tatami Lift Table Fitting. This electric table stand can be raised or lowered to the desired level with a simple press of a button. Make it a decorative centerpiece to your living room or wow your guests by hiding it between a group of tables so it can rise above for a cool spectacle! They come in a variety of styles each offering a pleasant contemporary fashion appeal that instantly renovates any room you put it in. You can operate the table stand with remote control for added convenience and with its sleek, but durable, steel base you can cherish this brilliant piece for a lifetime.

Additional Features

Child lock function (Remote Control Function)
In order to ensure the safe use of the lift for families with children and prevent misuse, the child lock function can be turned on which will render the up/down keys of the remote control invalid.

The steps to open the child lock are as follows:
  • When the elevator is stopped, press and hold the stop button on the remote control for about 10 seconds, and the elevator will emit two beeps of "di" and "di", indicating that the child lock is on.
  • To deactivate the child lock function, press and hold the stop button for 10 seconds, and the same two beeps of "di" and "di" will deactivate the child lock function.
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