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Eclectic wine glasses help make a bold statement of your lifestyle, affluence level and choices. If the glasses are put up for display in a manner that attracts attention of onlookers as well as prevent them from inadvertently falling down and breaking into shards, the pleasure of drinking wine doubles up. From the perspective of commercial pubs or wine shops, spectacular wine glass holders can serve to attract more customers. Customers often tend to link the style quotient of the pub with the quality of wine being served. This superlative glass holder would help mould the opinions of the customers in your shop’s favour. If you have been maintaining a mini bar at your home, you can draw the glass out of the holder with panache and impress your guests.

The design of the holder is innovative. Two strips made up of high quality industry grade steel are fixed vertically along the top of the cabinet or other suitable object. Two cylindrical parallel bars run parallel to each other emanating from one strip and ending up at the other. The distance between the parallel bars has been kept optimum to ensure that the wine glasses can be suspended upside down among them. The glass is to be suspended by causing the pedestal to be supported between the bars.

The wine glass holder is perfect for holding a number of small to medium sized glasses simultaneously and also put up a fantastic display at which others can stare with appreciative glances. The holder has been tested under simulated factory conditions to ensure that the bars would not buckle down and the strips would not be uprooted from their locations under the pressure of the glasses. The price of the holder has been kept very competitive to ensure that this tantalizing masterpiece becomes an object of possession for every wine lover.

Unlike our Wine Bar Estante, this wine glass holder is smaller and more suitable for you if you have a small range of glasses. It's made of high quality materials that will hold your high end glasses without breaking them.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Polished Chrome
  • Measurement: D340 x W100 x W45 x H63 mm

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