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SKU: VICENZO-V1H8830-500

EXCEL - Vicenzo Nero Black Series Double Wall Soft-closing System

Every kitchen island and counter design needs a dynamic drawer,and Excel Hardware’s Vicenzo’s Double Wall Soft-Closing system is an ideal product for this section. With a soft-closing system and a durability of 80,000 cycles, this tried-and-trusted kitchen essential will make all your storageproblems solved. Besides, its flat design base is perfect for loading up to 60kgs of large utensils to keep your kitchen looking clean and neat . In shorts, this product will be a stylish yet ergonomic addition toyour kitchen. The Nero Black finish makes the soft-closing system of your drawer pleasant to onlookers. This flexible system makes it easy to assemble and remove your drawer. It is available in six different dimensions: V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6, offering different load capacity between 30kg and 60kg.

The long-lasting performance and charming aesthetics make it a perfect addition to enhance the practicality of  your kitchen.



  • Width: Min 350 - Max 900mm
  • Soft Closing
  • Dynamic Loading: V1-V3 (30kg), V4-V6 (60kg)
  • Durability: 80,000 cycles

Item Code:

  • VICENZO-V1H8840-500
    H88 x D500 (30KG)
  • VICENZO-V1H8830-450 (INTERNAL)
  • VICENZO-V2H12640-500
    H126 x D500 (30KG)
  • VICENZO-V2H12630-450 (INTERNAL)
  • VICENZO-V3H17240-500
    H172 x D500 (30KG)
  • VICENZO-V3H17230-450 (INTERNAL)
  • VICENZO-V4H8860-500
    H88 x D500 (60KG)
  • VICENZO-V5H12660-500
    H126 x D500 (60KG)
  • VICENZO-V6H17260-500
    H172 x D500 (60KG)

Flat Design Base:

Product Installation Video:

Installation Manual:
VICENZO-V1, V2, V3 (30kg): Download

VICENZO-V4, V5, V6 (60kg): Download


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