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EXCEL - Excel-pantry Pull-Out Unit, Soft Closing

This is certainly the best choice for tall pantry storage units. With its tidy and straightforward layout, this pull out unit is easy to clean and maintain. Needless to say, it has a reliable mechanism that will last a lifetime while the soft-closing slide system feature will ensure its luxury touches.

The soft closing pantry pull out unit from the renowned manufacturer ‘Excel’ is a real asset for all pantries, kitchens and other locations where optimization of space is a priority. The layout of the multi-tiered storage unit is innovative and structured which allows for storage of maximum number of pantry system supplies within limited space elegantly. The structure can be disassembled with ease for the purpose of cleaning and washing.

The reliable and robust mechanism ensures that the structure would last for a lifetime without experiencing any service issues. The unit can be availed of in two versatile sizes. The spacious units can be easily accommodated within cabinets with dimensions of 1580mm to 1760mm height and 300mm to 400mm width. The adjustable frame and five pieces grid shaped baskets add utility to the basket. The ball bearing driven runners ensure that the basket can be pulled out and slid back into the cabinet door without causing any discordant noise. The basket has a larder unit that is mounted in the centre.

Chrome plated and stainless steel made, the structure has been subjected to stringent industry grade tests to ensure that it would continue to render its services even under harsher conditions. The product won’t lose its shine over time or won’t get deformed due to buckling down to pressure. The medium and tall units are the two variants in which the product is available in the market. The basket size is spacious to accommodate a number of products with relative grace. The larder material is tested to ensure that no toxic reactions occur in the food products that are stored within it. The sound dampening feature prevents any noise from becoming audible while the basket is used.

The product is very competitively priced and is a must have asset for every pantry. This new excellance Excel Soft-closing Pantry PULL OUT UNIT is available in two sizes. Ideal for all types of kitchen cabinets door in sizes 1580mm - 1760mm height and 300mm and 400mm carcase width. Excel E015S series of pantry pull out unit come with feature that a adjustable frame and 5 pieces full griddiry design baskets (chromed steel) with the soft-closing technology runners.



  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing: Polished Chrome
  • Max Weight: 75Kg
  • Features:

Basket Size: 475mm x 245mm x 86mm (L x W x H)
Inner Carcase: 520mm (L) (Min), 270mm (W) (+/-3mm), 1580mm - 1760mm (H)
Max. Weight: 75kg

Basket Size: 475mm x 345mm x 86mm (L x W x H)
Inner Carcase: 520mm (L) (Min), 370mm (W) (+/-3mm), 1580mm - 1760mm (H)
Max. Weight: 75kg


Excel Soft-Closing Tall Unit

Centre Mounted Larder Unit

Undermount Runner Equipped with Soft-Closing Technology

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