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EXCEL - Vicenzo Nero Black Series Double Wall Soft-closing System

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$98.80 - $188.80
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  • Width: Min 350 - Max 900mm
  • Soft Closing
  • Dynamic Loading: V1-V3 (30kg), V4-V6 (60kg)
  • Durability: 80,000 cycles
  • Features the Nero Black soft-closing system finishing for a sleek look
  • Flexible system, easy to assemble and remove.
  • Available in six different dimensions (V1 - V6)
  • VICENZO-V1, V2, V3 (30kg)Download Installation Manual
  • VICENZO-V4, V5, V6 (60kg) Download Installation Manual

Every kitchen island and counter design needs a dynamic drawer and Excel Hardware’s Vicenzo’s Double Wall Soft-Closing system is an ideal product for this section. With a soft-closing system and durability of 80,000 cycles, this tried-and-trusted kitchen essential will solve all your storage problems.


  • VICENZO-V1H8840-500
    H88 x D500 (30KG)
  • VICENZO-V1H8830-450 (INTERNAL)
  • VICENZO-V2H12640-500
    H126 x D500 (30KG)
  • VICENZO-V2H12630-450 (INTERNAL)
  • VICENZO-V3H17240-500
    H172 x D500 (30KG)
  • VICENZO-V3H17230-450 (INTERNAL)
  • VICENZO-V4H8860-500
    H88 x D500 (60KG)
  • VICENZO-V5H12660-500
    H126 x D500 (60KG)
  • VICENZO-V6H17260-500
    H172 x D500 (60KG)

Flat Design Base:


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