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EXCEL - Carpenter - Soft Closing Clip on Hinge W/4holes Mp Cup Hole 52mm H2

Excel soft closing clip on hinge is a real engineering marvel. At an unbelievably low price of S$ 3, it offers unparalleled services that would leave you wonderstruck. The mounting plate is adjustable to ensure that it can apply variable force of desired intensity on the movable parts. Through a small arm, the pressure plate is articulated to the body of the hinge. Hinge is constructed of a durable alloy of steel and aluminium which renders it superlative strength and flexibility. Silver coating on the body enhances the aesthetic appeal of the product as well as makes it resistant to rusting or corrosion. The strategic design of the hinge is inspired by best concepts of mechanical engineering. This spells innumerable advantages for users at affordable price.

Pressure induced energy does not get accumulated on the body of the hinge which protracts its useful life and shields it from the potential of developing any premature cracks. Four holes are present in the structure of the hinge which makes it convenient to latch on to any strategic surface easily. You would not observe any sign of wear and tear even after repeated use. The architecture of the product is conducive to soft closing of movable parts which are attached to the articulated sections of the hinge. The product carries the assurance of Excel which has become a hallmark brand for high performance, reliable and durable products.

The cheap price implies that you can procure as many hinges as you need to offer more agility to movable units without having to worry about the cost aspect. The shining surface is visual assurance of the stellar performance you would be able to extract from the product. The hinge can be deployed in both commercial and residential set-up. No slackening would be evident even after frequent use.


Installation Manual & Specification:


  • Cup Hole: 23mm

Excel Soft-Closing Hinge with Adjustable Mounting Plate:
This incomparable hinge is unique in more ways than one. Due to its high quality standard and advance yet simple idea of creation, this hinge comes with adjustable pressure control (Mounting Plate). Do not, for once, take our low cost of just $3 as a form of weakness, though. At Excel Hardware Pte Ltd, we ensure that our products are affordable without compromising quality.

T15-2D Specs

Fake VS Genuine:


Hinge Installation Manual / Specifications:

hinge specs

Durability Test Report: 

t15 durability pg1 t15 durability pg2 t15 durability pg3

Salt Spray Test Report:

salt spray test pg1

salt spray test pg2 salt spray test pg3 

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