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Aversa Italian Series EHP18-SUS304 Stainless Steel Soft-Closing Hinge

Excel soft-closing hinge is a useful mechanical device that offers optimum flexibility in operating movable units like doors with top notch efficiency. Built from an alloy of steel and aluminium with stainless steel grade 304 finishing, the sturdy material constitution of the hinge renders it reliable, durable and sustained high performer. The device comes accompanied with adjustable mounting plate that can be tweaked to vary the pressure you want to apply on the movable parts attached to the hinge.

Competitively priced at S$15, the affordable hinge offers a gamut of advantages at such low price. The uniqueness of the hinge and its distinctive advantage over hinges from other brands available in the market would be easily evident to the users. Slackness is not induced in the hinge even after consistent use at frequent intervals.

The adjustable pressure control distributes the energy build-up equally on the hinge, thus precluding any prospects of wear and tear which may lead to premature failure. The hinge applies a definitive pressure on the movable parts which cause them to be opened or closed in soft manner without any abrupt motion or jarring noise.

The hinge offers articulation of the movable units in smooth and jolt free manner. Installation process is extremely simple. The instruction guide that accompanies the product carries comprehensive information about the procedure of installing the hinge optimally for best outcome.

The hinge is compatible with wide array of standardized movable units. It can deliver the same level of performance in residential as well as commercial set-ups. The incomparable performance of the hinge is not adequately reflected through its price.

At such unbelievably low price, you can avail of a host of advantages that no similar hinge in the market would offer. The soft closing hinge comes with the brand assurance of Excel, a company that is associated with numerous top notch products

  • Cup Hole: 23mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
  • Front Screw Hole-to-Hole: 48mm
  • Back Screw Hole-to-Hole: 33mm
  • Hinge Measurement: W63mm x D117mm

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Aversa Italian Series SUS304

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