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Excel Mezzo spot handle is an eclectic piece of exquisite engineering that would make your cabinet enjoy its own distinctive character.  The handle is 146mm long, 13mm wide and 30mm deep. Its constitution is solid and the volume is 128 cu.mm. Holes of 5mm drilled into the cabinet would allow fixing of the handle in easy manner. The handle has captivating spots punched on its central body that greatly enhances the product’s visual appeal. It also conduces to firm grip of the user over the handle. Cleaning the handle is really easy as a wet cloth run over the surface would wipe off all accumulated dirt.

Some of the salient advantages of the handle are:

-Constructed out of superior quality, industry grade zinc alloy for optimum strength
-Brushed nickel electroplating done on the surface for preventing rusting or corrosion induced by prolonged exposure to moisture or chemicals
-Rugged and strong with impeccable load enduring capacity
-Ability to withstand load without succumbing to the pressure tested and certified through tests conducted in simulated industry conditions
-Uniform distribution of metal all along the body prevents any breakage due to concentration of load at any point
-Exhibits stellar resistance to fatigue and does not allow it to take its toll on the strength of the product even after prolonged use
-Abrasion resistant and fire retardant
-Can be cleaned easily with soft cloth
-Body plating does not allow dust particles to obstinately settle down on it
-Smooth finish and sleek texture
-Does not buckle down under additional pressure mounted on it
-High or low temperature does not cause deformity in the shape
-Easy to install which can be manually done without intervention of handyman
-Manufacturing process conforms to ISO 9001 and other internationally acclaimed standards
-Durable, reliable and non-brittle

Ideal for use in home, industry and other conditions

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869-128 BN


Product Information/Description: 

excel hardwarew / Cabinet Pull Handle / furniture handle

◇  Material: Zinc Alloy
◇  Finish: Brushed Nickel
◇  Type: Cabinet Pull Handle 
◇  Style: Solid

Product Dimensions:

Length: 142mm
C.C.:  128mm
Drilled hole diameter:  5 mm
Package quantity:  1 piece 



excel hardwarew / Cabinet Pull Handle / furniture handle

EXCEL-Cabinet Pull Handle  Care Instructions:

◇ Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.

◇ Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

◇ Do not use strong acidic or corrosive liquid scrub the product surface.

◇ Do not just change the product pitch, in order to avoid unnecessary damage.

◇ Please use the product load to avoid the loss of super-negative result is not necessary.

◇ Store in a dry location, do not pile up in the damp, cold places, to avoid rusting or oxidation



excel hardwarew / Cabinet Pull Handle / furniture handle

Product Advantages:

  • Classical appearance design of the pull handles would be very hot
  • The pull handles can help you create a stylish and complete look
  • Made of classical design, the draw pull handles are for a long time use
  • The drawer pull handles are comfortable for you to hold
  • Fine workmanship of the pull handles makes sure the handles are perfect for your using
  • This pull handle is perfect for your shoe cabinet, bookcase, drawer and so on  



excel hardwarew / Cabinet Pull Handle / furniture handle

Good to know:
Each pull is individually bagged to prevent damage to the finish 
1” X 2 pcs  installation screw is included.
C.C. is the center-to-center measurement between the screw holes
Suitable for door thickness 16-21 mm.

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