Excel Korean Concept Pole System - 10ft

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Excel Korean Concept Pole System - 10ft



Size matters and the same have been proved true with the Korean concept pole system of ten feet width offered by Excel. It is an imposing system with lots of space that can be adequately optimized by adjusting the poles. A number of options that is conducive to the customization of the system add to the flexibility, usability, reliability and durability of the system. The entire system amounts to a width of 3040mm and is very competitively priced at S$ 1288. Four commodious partitions of 900 mm, 600 mm, 600 mm and 730 mm are made through divider poles although the configuration can be perfectly customized to meet your unique requirements. You have the option of choosing from a number of hanging rods in variable dimension range tailored to meet your exact needs. The shelves that can be opted for within the pole architecture are available in a number of variables, each in the size range optimally conducive to fostering incredible utilization of space. This holds true for the drawer cabinets also that can be accommodated within the pole grid. You have the option of having one or more drawers placed in the system. Each drawer is of the standard size defined to be compatible with the product architecture. The drawers are wheel mounted to ensure that they can be drawn and pulled back smoothly without creating noise. You are also offered an eclectic range of colours to choose from. There are five colour variants available to you. You can opt from glossy white, glossy black, beech, oak, and walnut. Each colour is tastefully picked to give you a feel of closeness to the nature. The poles are made up of high quality industry grade steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion. The performance of the system has been certified through stringent factory tests.

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Excel Korean Concept Pole System - 10ft