Excel Korean Concept Pole System - L Shape

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Excel Korean Concept Pole System - L Shape



The stellar pole system designed from eclectic Korean concepts of space optimization is a worthy asset for both residential and commercial locations. The architecture has been structured in L shape for ease of access and fostering convenience of storage. Enhancing productivity through innovative designing is the underlying theme. At the central point where the left and right arms of the system converges, a pole with circular shelves running around its circumference has been provided for improved utility, space management and aesthetics. Colours of the pedestal shelf as well the drawers has variegated hues; prominent among them being glossy white, glossy black, beech, oak, and walnut. You can exercise your discretion to choose from differently themed colours. You can exercise your options regarding the dimensions of shelf, drawers, and hanging rods. The structural integrity of the poles has been established through a series of stringent tests carried out in simulated factory conditions. Superior quality steel of industry grade is used for construction of poles so that they can last a lifetime without giving any hassles. The load bearing capacity of the poles has been rated after such intensive tests. You can own a fully functional and space optimized pole system for just S$ 3000. The space between poles can be configured in customized manner to meet your exact needs. The agility offered can be maximized with the integration of differently dimensioned elements within the structure. The optimal height of the pole renders it compatible with rooms of different sizes. The brilliance of Korean architecture is evident from the flexibility offered without compromising on space. Installation of the pole system is easy and can be accomplished in rapid manner. Instruction manual is available with the system which depicts comprehensive procedures for setting the structure in place. The brand assurance of Excel speaks for the reliability of the pole system.

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Excel Korean Concept Pole System - L Shape