Excel Korean Concept Pole System - U Shape

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Excel Korean Concept Pole System - U Shape



The U shaped pole structure can step up the productivity of your warehouse by multiple notches. Inspired by the best in engineering designs of Korea, this eclectic pole system offers loads of customizable space. Strategic additions of cabinets, shelves and rods allow for optimization to streamline goods storage, access, retrieval and movement. At each corner of the U shaped structure, beneath the rack layer running all along the shape, a series of quadrant shaped shelves are stacked parallel to the ground. This leaves no scope for any space wastage. Colours of the pedestal shelf as well the drawers has variegated hues; prominent among them being glossy white, glossy black, beech, oak, and walnut. You can exercise your discretion to choose from differently themed colours. You can exercise your options regarding the dimensions of shelf, drawers, and hanging rods. The structural integrity of the poles has been established through a series of stringent tests carried out in simulated factory conditions. Superior quality steel of industry grade is used for construction of poles so that they can last a lifetime without giving any hassles. The load bearing capacity of the poles has been rated after such intensive tests only. The spacious pole system is available for a very competitive price of S$ 5000 only. The agility offered can be maximized with the integration of differently dimensioned elements within the structure. The height of the pole is optimal which renders it compatible with warehouses of different sizes. You can get maximum return on investment by installing this unique pole system. The complete shape has a unique appeal which takes workplace safety and productivity to newer heights. Sufficient space has been provided all round the structure to ensure that workers can stack items and retrieve the same with ease without being trapped in any unsafe condition.

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U Shape


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Excel Korean Concept Pole System - U Shape