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Excel, born and bred in Singapore, was founded in 1998 by Mr Kevin CHOA, started as a hardware supplier in Singapore with a humble 50 products. Today, our managing director, with nearly half a century industry experience, Excel has developed into a massive company that strives to meet and go beyond all their clients’ needs. As a Singapore brand in a shining red dot country, Excel is the only one-stop full solution for residential/commercial hardware manufacturer and wholesale distributor priding ourselves in top-notch quality products fit for all discerning renovations demands regionally. Currently, Excel provides quantity and unmatched quality to more than 12,000 products and services including Furniture Hardware, Door Ironmongery, Hardware & Tools, High Pressure Laminate (HPL), Led Lightings, Walk-In Wardrobe, Digital Signage (Led Interactive Panel), Software development (CMS), Smart Building (3D Bim Modelling), Marine & Shipyard, Business Ventures and Investments. Setting Singapore as the Headquarters, subsidiary operation warehouse and factories had expanded and ventured out to countries like China, Malaysia and Philippines to extend the company’s reach across borders. Excel products and services had been exported and distributed to the following countries; China, Fiji Islands, Indonesia, Korea, Madagascar, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Panama, Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Venezuela and these territories are still growing!

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The Excel vision is to create an enhanced everyday life for the countless humanities. Our business idea is to offer an extensive varieties of well-designed, functional residential/commercial hardware products/services, implementing Information and communications technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IOT) technologies. We work extremely hard to achieve quality at affordable prices for our customers through optimising our entire value chain, discourages over-profiteering by middleman, building long-term supplier relationships, financing in highly automated production and enjoy economies of scale by producing large volumes.  


Excel set up operations to serve the Malaysia market. In year 2009, Excel subsidiary is located in capital of Malaysia, Johor Bahru namely Excel Sales & Marketing (JB). Our new facilities are coming out soon with total more than 1.3 acre of land acquisition to cope with larger demands and higher productivity at a much economical cost. Our aim is to pass on our savings to all our esteem clients with appreciation.

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Apart from offering the best in furniture hardware and door ironmongery division, Excel also provides intelligent fittings, fixtures and many other lifestyle systems that will fit perfectly into all your interior lifestyle. In year 2010, to meet the high-standards of homeowners, we have even gone to offer unique services like mobile applications on IOS, Android platform specifically mobile commerce and e-commerce online shopping you can easily browse and download our catalogue and brochures. We have worked with and partnered many top-notch interior designers, architects, contractors, developers and contract manufacturers in the region, and is renowned for our high-quality, innovative products and an honored Singapore brand. Our vision is to provide products that are well-designed without compromising safety and durability. Our products had served millions of residential homes and commercial offices as well, and these numbers are still growing rapidly. Excel products has always been the choice of all interior designers and architects that understands the importance of usability and great design. 


In year 2012, Excel had diversify its business by investing heavily in research and development for Information and communications technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IOT) technologies including software development. Our subsidiary company 

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Elkymedia are able to build our own customized software, content management systems (CMS) from scratch with our in-house technologically savvy developers. Excel provides exceptional customer services by pursuing businesses through innovations and advanced technologies as well as providing cloud computing storages and interactive software development solutions. For Information and communications technology (ICT) hardware division, we had acquaint with where eco-friendly commercial and industrial grade digital signage, led interactive panels particularly on information and multimedia system, shopping mall kiosk, directory and media wall for enterprises. Exterior customization of hardware led panel is our strength and we can customize according to any clients’ needs and designs into smart furniture range of products to coupe with sophisticated clients’ requirements. Our contemporary development works is to create a high technological advanced productivity methods of facility management by utilizing Smart building 3D Bim Modelling concept for a manpower lean and high automation solutions.


Elky Hpl subsidiary was introduce in year 2013 to promote premium quality brands and advantages of high pressure laminate in the furniture industry sector where we currently hold 3 premium brands, this is due to the great demand of clients’ requiring a one-stop full solution procurement base from us.


 Excel had ventured into marine and shipyard industry specializing in interior contract manufacturing, repair and engineering in year 2014. This year 2015 marks our 17thyears in business and 16th edition of product catalogue with a comprehensive of more than 750 pages of products and solutions. For more information please log on to our website @ www.excelhw.com.sg Excel is still expanding and always success driven, we welcome any commonsensical business proposals, business ventures and/or investments opportunities to be sent directly for review to kaden@excelhw.com.sg


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