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Aritz Design and Construction Pte Ltd

Address 10 Admiralty Street #02-60,
Northlink Building Singapore 757695
Telephone +65 6842 0141
Website www.aritz.com.sg
Facebook www.facebook.com/aritzdesignandconstruction
Email enquiry@aritz.com.sg

Aritz provide solutions and services of maintenance work, as well as specializing in various Addition & Alternation (A&A) and renovation works in both commercial buildings and public/private housing sectors such as Hotels, MCST, office and retail mall and residential respectively. Today’s achievement, accredited mainly to our trustworthy team, is led by our founder whom possesses over a decade of experience and skills in the field. Our construction professionals are passionate and driven to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and at the same time, ensuring the delivery of every successful projects.

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