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Art 2 Design Studio Pte Ltd

Address (Main) 1013 Geylang East Ave 3
#02-102 Singapore 389728
Telephone +65 6493 2756
Email sales@arts2design.com
Website arts2design

The layout and aesthetic of your home is a deeply personal thing. When it comes to renovation, one of the key consideration has to be creating a space which speaks to your personal taste and lifestyle. The process of finding the right interior design & renovation company to undertake your ideal project plays a crucial role in whether or not your ideal house is successfully completed. The right interior consultant is the one who is able to understand your aesthetic preferences and intuitively understand the kind of space which is best suited to your lifestyle . At Arts 2 Design Studio , we specialized in delivering your ideal home that perfectly fits to your interior design taste.

An established interior design and renovation firm since 2011. From all sizes of residential and commercial properties, we provide solutions to our customer's aesthetic and practical requirements. Along with many years of experiences, we strive to satisfy our customers with our creativity in design and responsibility in all projects.

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