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About Us

The journey of our globally recognized and appreciated brand EXCEL started in Singapore in 1998.Brainchild of visionary enterpreneur,Mr kevin Choa,the humble spectrum of 50 hardware product has grown in to an international force to reckon with.Kevin possesses almost 50 years of experience in the industry and is well-acquainted with the intricacies that contribute in making a product acceptable to masses.EXCEL now caters to the entire array of hardware products for commercial,resedential,and industrial set-ups.EXCEL now caters to the entire array of hardware products for commercial,resedential,and industrial set-ups.EXCEL also engages in wholesale distribution of the products manufactured by it.This helps in keeping the costs affordable for usres income of all income groups.EXCEL offers numerous useful variations in the same product class to ensure that the exacts needs of consumers are comprehensively met.


Product portfolio of EXCEL comprises of 12000+ products and services in the domain of furniture hardware,door ironmongery,hardware and tools,HPL(High Pressure Laminate),LED Lightings,Walk-In Wadrobe,Digital Signage,LED Interactive Panel,CMS software development,marine and shipyard,business ventures and investments.


With our genesis in Singapore,we have now expanded to other countries to strengthen our diversification bid.Headquartered in Singapore,  EXCEL has its subsidiary operation warehouses and factories in nations like China,Malaysia,and Philippines.We export and ship products to countries like Australia,China,Fiji islands,Indonesia,korea,Madagascar,

Malaysia,Maldives,Myanmar,Philippines,Thailand and Timor-Leste.Our outreach is growing dynamically and we are bringing more uncharted territories within our business fold.


We envision creating productive and customized experiences of our users at cost competitive prices.Our endeavour is to consistently develpo and enhance durable,reliable,useful,productive,space optimized,rugged,robust,strategically designed and functional hardware products and ancillary services that would rev up the effeciency of users.




                             The Italian series Standalone Dish Holder Basket is an impressive kitchen space optimizer that would add class to your culinary endeavours.Sparkling and lustrous,the body built out of industry grede stainless steel is designed to endure weight and last long.Durable,reliable and productive,the basket is versatile in nature.Apart from holding dishes impeccably in organized manner,it also allows you to store other cutlery items for ease of access and strong.The dish stand has horizontal brackets with notches provided to place the dishes parallel to each other.The strategic design ensures that the dishes do not come in contact with each other.At 290 mm width,440 mm depth and 230 mm height;the dimensions are accurate to hold your kitchen accessories in elegant and shipshape manner.The horizontal space adjascent to dish holder allows for storing of brittle items like glasses.Hardened plastic stands are provided alongside wherein you can keep spoons,knives and similar things in standing positions.The cylindrical bracket running along the body of the holder prevents items from toppling off the bracket.The opening at the front edge just opposite to the dish holder prevents it from falling prey to rusting and corrosion.The load enduring capability of the tray has been tested under demanding conditions.The parallel bars forming the base of the tray would never get deformed or buckle under the pressure of the cutlery items stored on it.The palting also does not allow dust to deposit on the surface which prevents ugly patches from building.Abrasion free,the tray won't grow weaker with time due to age or fatigue.Order this eclectic product now.

                                      Since 1998-2018





and many other

lifestyle systems

EXCEL set up operations to serve the Malaysia market.In year 2009,EXCEL subsidiary is located in capital of Malaysia,Johor Bahru namely EXCEL Sales & Marketing (JB).Our new facilities are coming out soon with a total of more than 1.3 acres of land acquisition to cope with larger demands and higher productivity at a much economical cost.Our aim is to pass on our savings to all our esteem clients with appreciation.

Apart from offering the best in furniture hardware and door ironmongery division,EXCEL also provides intelligent fittings,fixtures and many other lifestyle systems that will fit perfectly into all our lifestyle.In year 2010,to meet the high standards of homeowners,we have even gone to offer unique services like mobikle applications on IOS as well as Android platform.Specifically mobile commerce and e-commerce on online shoping are available for users to easily browse and download our catalogue and brochures.We have worked with and partnered many top-notch interior designers,architects,contractors,developers and contract manufactures in the region,and is renowned for high-quality,innovative products and an honored Singapore brand.




To simplify your renovation and decor ideas,EXCEL is ready to unveil is new online component.At the EXCEL website,you can view and pick the products the most suit your needs.Whether you are replacing old handles or just looking for a design to fit your interior,you can easily browse through their catalogue without the hassle of going through a contractor.


Our vision is to provide products that are well-designed without compramising safety and durability.Our products has served millions of resedential homes and commercial offices as well,and these numbers are still growing rapidly.EXCEL products have always been the choice of all interior designers and architects that understands the importance of usability and great design.EXCEL is precise and dynamic in tendering government projects with multiple government portfolios to intensify our credibility to all our clients locally and globally.

As an orginal design/brand/equipmentmanufacture (odm/obm/oem) with moretham 35 manufacturing plant factories,we consolidate our sturdy procurement and quality control group in Southern China,Guangdong province,Foshan city .In Year 2011,subsidiary Foshan Yixiao Hardware anf Foshan Yelky was formed.As a manufacturing company,EXCEL can also enjoying economies of scale and avoid hefty middleman fees for sourcing and distribution.

            In year 2012,EXCEL has diversify its business by investing heavily in research and development for information and communications technology(ICT) and internet of things(IOT) technologies including software development.Our subsidiary company is able to buid our own customised software,content management systems(CMS) scratch with our in-house technologically savy developers.

EXCEL provides exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovations and advanced technologies as well as providing cloud computing storage and interactive software development solutions.For information and communications technology (ICT) hardware division,we are well-acquainted with eco-friendly commercial and industrial grade digital signage,LED interactive panels particularly on information and multimedia system,shopping mall kiosk,directory and media wall for enterprises.Exterior customisation of hardware led panel is our strength and we can customise according to any clients' needs and designs into smart furniture range of products to coupe with sophisticated clients' requirements.

Elky Hpl subsidiary was introduced in year 2013 to promote premium quality brands and advantages of high pressure laminate in the furniture industry sector where we currently hold 3 premium brands.This is due to the great demand of clients' requiring a one-stop full solution procurement base from us.

EXCEL has ventured into marine and shipyard industry specialising in interior contract manufacturing,repair and engineering in year 2014.This year 2018,marks our 20th years in business and 17th edition of product catalogue with a comprehensive of more than 300 pages of products and solutions.

For more information please log on to our website at www.excelhw.com.sg EXCEL is still expanding and is always success driven and we welcome any commonsensical business proposals,business ventures and/or investments opportunities to be sent directly for review to kaden@excelhw.com.sg.





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