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Colourbox Interior Pte Ltd

Address (Main) 2 Whampoa Drive Singapore 327713
Telephone +65 6352 2820
Fax +65 6252 8538
Email enquiry@colourboxinterior.com.sg
Website www.colourboxinterior.com.sg

At Colourbox, an established interior design company which is ready to serve your requirements from conceptualizing to producing the end product. It has helped a lot of couples, families and business owners to build their homes and offices of their dreams.

We provide expert advice, backed by our extensive knowledge of current trends and our unique insights into future trends in the world of design. Our network of diverse and reliable contacts in the design industry will ensure that the construction of your homes and offices are of the utmost quality.

Colourbox was created with one aim – to relieve you of all frustrations when it comes to design. Harnessing the talents and years of experience of our artists, Colourbox will be the magic paintbrush which brings your dream home to life.

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