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Copper Design Associates Pte Ltd

Address (Main) 71 Carpmael Road
Singapore 429806
Telephone +65 6440 6220
Fax +65 6440 6225
Email info@copperda.com
Website www.copperda.com

Copper has evolved to be a very desirable material and its versatility has really allowed our design team to experiment with different complements to create a new identity with contrasting materials such as wood and smoked glass to create a variety of feels from mid-century cool to Scandinavian luxury.

Copper Design Associates (CDA) is found by the elites of the design industry comprising of a design professor, a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur and a creative director of a decade of design experiences.

CDA endeavour to present exciting designs of our own that can last for more than a decade. We focus on building environments that inspire, environment for a cohesive and elegant user experience and environment that provide meaningful spaces that express culture and brand.

CDA set to create a unique and immersive user experience for each individual they work with, have a breakthrough in introducing Virtual Reality for new projects. The result is intelligent designs that are beautiful without compromising on functionality.

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