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Dong Jian Interior Pte Ltd

Address (Main) 24 Sin Ming lane #01-105
Midview City Singapore 573970
Telephone +65 6717 8881 / +65 6816 7833
Fax +65 6816 2331
Email designers@dongjianinterior.com
Website www.dongjianinterior.com

At Dong Jian Interior, we transform your dream living environment into reality. We approach every project with care and professionalism, regardless of its size and scale, striving to provide customers with a quality end product that fully satisfy their exacting requirements and expectations.

We emphasise making interior design and renovations as simple, smooth, and hassle free a process as possible, giving our customers peace of mind from day one.

Dong Jian Interior works hard to provide all of our customers with a top quality service. We focus on making the renovation and remodelling process as easy for our clients as possible, and providing an end product that guarantees customer satisfaction.

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