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kitchen sus304 basket
Keeping track of all your kitchen essentials is no easy task – the chopsticks may be stored in one drawer while the wok is all the way on the other end. All these minor hassles cause delay in our everyday lives, which is why Excel Hardware, a trailblazer in the kitchen design industry, has come up with a number of unique products that can solve all your organization woes! Let’s take a look at them all below!
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Excel Hardware has always strived to make users lives easier with their awesome kitchen, wardrobe and lighting products. The company offers a versatile range of hardware that you didn’t even knew you needed – sick of that unusable nook in your kitchen cabinets? They’ve got a solution for that. Want more storage space in your wardrobe? They’ve got something for that as well. Looking for cost-effective lighting? They’ve got you covered. So today, we’ll be featuring some of Excel’s best products for you to pursue.
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Excel Hardware is a leading hardware supplier that specializes in kitchen accessories, smart furniture and even LED lights. They have got an amazing collection of all the things you will need to make your renovation more up-to-date and ergonomic. Further, we’ll be looking at some of their amazing items from their inventory that are sure to make your kitchens and homes more efficient, aesthetically pleasing and organized.
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You might know Excel Hardware as a leading kitchen hardware design and manufacturing company, but they also provide products in the LED lighting market! They have got a diverse and unique collection you can choose from.
From under-cabinet fixtures to variations of spot-lights, they’ve got an extensive collection that covers all facets of home interior designs. However, Excel’s LEDs are most suited for their Walk-In Wardrobe Pole Systems. These lights are activated by motion sensors and all their wiring can seamlessly be incorporated into the wardrobe systems. You can activate these lights by simply moving your hand near or removing something from the shelves.
All of their products are high-quality and provide excellent visual aesthetics. Further, we’ll be looking at what Excel’s LED collection has to offer, and which one would be best for what purpose!
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Excel Hardware does business online earning 20 million in a year

In order to keep up with technological advancement, local traditional hardware manufacturers continue innovating and increasing their sales through online marketing, which can lead to annual turnovers of over S$20 million.
Excel Hardware, a hardware supplier company, was started in 1998 by founder Kelvin Choa, 56, and is currently managed by his son, Kaden Choa, 32 who is also the Marketing Director of Excel Hardware. The local company also has operations and warehouses in Singapore, Malaysia and China. Their inventory size of over 12, 000 products is targeted mainly at contractors, construction companies and interior designers, and they also export their products to South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand and seven other countries. Kaden Choa said that the company started out with only three employees and 50 products, and only under 30 clients. Although supplying hardware is a traditional industry, with technological developments, his father encouraged him to expand his points of sale, which includes setting up an online website and using cloud-based services to keep track of inventory. “12 years ago, I hired a friend to set up the company’s website to let others browse at our product catalogue - we were the first hardware company to do so at that time.” Four years ago, Kaden Choa took the company website one step ahead and introduced online shopping so that customers could buy their products directly through the page. “Within a month, our site sales increased and we even received our first order from abroad.” To achieve better sales, Kaden Choa partnered with Google to advertise on platforms, such as Gmail and video hosting site YouTube. He shared that the e-commerce site saw 458% increase in sales in 2017 compared to 2016. The company now enjoys an average annual turnover of S$20 million, and around 1,900 clients.

From 14 local hardware suppliers, only 4 remain
Kaden Choa also expressed that for a business to grow and be successful, everyone in the team needs to work hard together, constantly innovating and changing. As far as he knows, there are currently only four hardware suppliers in Singapore, compared to 14 here 11 years ago. “Running a business in Singapore is challenging because of a small population, which is why it is important to look outward and expand.”


DISTINGUISHED Award winner Excel Hardware Pte Ltd was founded in 1998 by managing director Kevin Choa as a hardware supplier in Singapore starting with a humble range of 50 products. With nearly half a century of industry experience, Mr Choa has developed Excel into a company that strives to meet and go beyond the needs of its clients.
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Excel Entrance
On Jan 3rd 2018, Kaden Choa who is the Marketing Director of Excel Hardware Pte Ltd, declared that his company will make the identity of those who manufacture, distribute or install counterfeit Excel Hardware products such as fake stainless-steel dish rack, fake pneumatic arm, fake soft close hinges public news.

“There are at least 50 homeowners who contacted us via email and call, or visited our stores for the replacement of the counterfeit Excel items. We truly do not want our consumers spend the same price to purchase some imitation products. We understand that feeling of paying hefty sums to purchase counterfeit goods for home renovation, it is absolutely wretched. So, we give discounts for the customers who are the real victim.” Kaden Choa said.
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Stainless Steel SUS304 Hinge

Excel delivers quality products with satisfying aesthetics. Their merchandise offers durability, sturdiness, as well as stylish visuals. These few of elements made their products a complete hit in Singapore. Moreover, Excel Hardware strives to meet all the contemporary needs their clients have expressed. In this post, let’s take a look of Excel products which is always an efficient and great solution to make our life easier! Get to understand these excellent qualitative value products, you’ll never regret of it!
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D.I.Y. Hanging Kitchen Basket

If you’re looking for simple and sweet design, then the Standalone shovel holder would be the perfect kitchen device for you. It is a small holder that can be used to hang small kitchen paraphernalia like spoons and ladles. It is minimal in design that features a unique uniformity while dangling the utensils. The circular base provides a stable design and an elegantly modular aesthetic. The anthropometry of this product is very definite. It’s a product that minimizes the day to day hassle and it maximizes efficiency as well.
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Open Concept Wardrobe

Pole System
Founded in Singapore, Excel Hardware never fail us by providing a great number of quality products to make our life easier. It can be said that each product is designed in a truly ergonomic and user-friendly way.
In this post, we are going to introduce an extremely innovative Excel Korean Concept Pole System Wardrobe which you must really get to know if you are looking for an ideal wardrobe which is excellent, trendy and stylish aesthetics.
Let’s take a look at what this durable and flexible Excel Korean Concept Pole System Wardrobe offers!
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