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SKU: GL05-M4-S-14


The 14 mm long stud for pre-inserted socket is pre threaded and come in dimensionally strategic size to meet your specific needs. Manufactured out of superior quality industry grade steel, the stud has consistency of metallic constitution all along the body. This renders it capable of seamlessly delivering impeccable service in combination with pre-inserted sockets and remains rigid under all circumstances. The threads along the body of the stud allows for streamlined insertion into any fixture with receptive structure. The strength of the studs has been rated only after subjecting them to rigorous industry tests. Fatigue or continuous use won’t induce play in the threads of the stud. Equal distribution of constituting metal’s mass all along the body prevents build-up of strain on any particular point. This contributes to the reliability and durability of the studs. Each stud has been precisely threaded. You won’t come across any defect on the body of the stud. These studs can be used for commercial, architectural, industrial, residential and other purposes. The product has been priced competitively and comes with a reasonable cost tag that is way below other similar products available in the market. The absence of intermediaries, sourcing of raw materials from leading suppliers, and deployment of indigenous manufacturing technologies has resulted in such unbelievably low price. You can order the product in bulk and enjoy attractive discounts. It would be shipped to any location across the country as our shipment arrangement covers almost all zip and pin codes. The studs and pre-inserted sockets can be ordered together for optimal convenience. You would enjoy a hassle free experience while using them. The play in stud that you commonly come across while using products from other brands would not show up in this stud as performance of the stud has been closely monitored for defects. Enjoy absolute peace of mind.

Material: Steel

Finish: Zinc

Measurement: L:14

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