SKU: 32" LED HD Touchscreen Children Table

32" LED HD Touchscreen Children Table

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A panel of table designs and screen sizes of 32 inches, this is the perfect adjustment of a luxury product for a beautiful interior design. Install this piece of furniture in your reception area and let your guests benefit from a relaxing yet informative waiting time.

* Application Field:

1. Business Organisations: Shopping Malls, etc.

2. Financial Organisations: Bank, etc.

3. Non. Profit Organisations: Telecomunications, Schools, etc.

4. Public Area: Airports, Station, etc.

5. Real Estate Property: Apartments, etc.

* Customisation:

1. Colour can be customised.

2. Dimension can be customised.

3. Logo can be print on the frame.

4. Design can be customised.

5. Hardware can be customised.


Touchscreen Table with network connection advertising computer

Hardware Features:

1.Main IC :RK3288 Maximum Frequency 1.8GHZ

2.Memory:2G DDR3

3.Flash:4G/16G NANDFLASH(EMCC Support 32G )

4.Video output :support LVDS, EDP and MIPI video output and the

highest resolution ratio 3840X2160.

5. Audio Output:L/R-CH stereo control.

6. Network :Support 10/100/1000 MHZ LAN and wireless WIFI 2.4

or 5G.

7.Operating System:ANDROID 5.1.1.

8.PCB size:159mmX114mm

9.Power supply mode:support 12V input(can highest supporting

32V). support 3.7V power.

10.Touch panel:support multi point capacitive touch screen.

11.Memory CARD types: support TF CARD --- highest 32G disk.

Software Features:

  1. Real time monitoring of each terminal player working status, including remote reboot of system

  2. Control multiple LED display screens at one time using main server

  3. Application Preparing Interface (API) available for software integration

  4. Software customisation services available

  5. Software Development Kit (SDK) available for creation of additional applications

Other Customisable Services:

  1. Lock system for prevention against theft

  2. Wall mounted brackets and mechanism

  3. LED display screen exterior casing basic package

  4. LED display screen exterior casing colour, size, design can be customised, round corners available

  5. LED display screen internal hardware sockets basic package

  6. LED display screen internal hardware sockets can be customised

  7. Customise branding logo and/or other logos can be laser embossed to the exterior casing for branding purposes

  8. Programming, system setup and implementation training available

  9. Other sophisticated customisations of software and hardware are allowed and available upon request. E.g.: Integration with lift controllers

PC function description:

Operating system: Windows 8

CPU Processor: D525 (1.8GHZ) 1037U (1.8GHZ) I3 3240 (3.4GHZ) or 4130 (3.4GHZ) I5 3470 (3.2GHZ) or 4570 (3.2GHZ)

RAM, Graphic: 2 - 8GB, NVIDIA GT610The only significant. HD2500; HD4400 Integrated

HDD Drive: 2.5 inch 320-500GB SATA HDD or SSD

Network Interface Card: 10/100/1000 Auto adjust Gigabit Ethernet / 150Mbps 802.11n Wi-Fi

I/O ports: 4xUSB ports included/HDMI.DVI.VGA in/out port

All in one computer function:

1. Built-in PC solution: Intel D525, I3 2100, I5 2300, i7 2600

2. Supported OS: Windows 7, 8.XP, Linus can be pre-installed on request

3. Full network connectivity: Ethernet and Wi-Fi are included

4. Options: DVD-RW, Webcam, Bluetooth, I/O ports (HDMI, DVI, VGA), Touchscreen

5. OSD language: Support Chinese, English, Other 7 languages can be customised

Product Features:

1.Class A + grade 335 standard full new and original factory packing LCD/LED screen, brand for SAMSUNG, LG, CMO, AUO, Toshiba, Sharp, etc

2. High-class metal material Shell, with a customisable outline shape and colour

3. Ultra thin, high light, perfectly clear acrylic board or tempered glass on the surface of the LCD/LED screen to protect the screen being damaged

4. Build-in anti-thief system including anti-theft lock and password safety options

5. Build high quality stereo speaker

All types of advertising player including below can be customised:

  • Shell colour can be custom-made

  • Size can be custom-made

  • The design can be custom-made

  • Hardware can be custom-made

We have different options for you to choose from:

Style: floor stand, wall mount, bus/taxi hanging or headrest and video wall and transparent advertising box


1. Stand along.

2. Networking, Wi-Fi.

3. Networking, Wi-Fi+3G.

4. All in one pc inter D525.

5. All in one pc inter I3 2100.

6. All in one pc inter I5 2300.

Screen: Touchscreen, no touchscreen