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35mm Hinge Cover-Finish

The 35mm hinge cover offers optimum protection to the hinge from the adverse impacts of environmental and other conditions. Built from high quality melamine and available in milky white colour, the cover cuts off the contact of hinge with the humidity, harsh temperature, and other aspects of the elements. This protracts the useful life of the hinge and renders it highly durable and reliable. The rectangular cover stretches across the body of the hinge and offers comprehensive safeguard.

The rounded caps protect the hinge cups and other countersinks. There are 50 circular caps in each packet. The 35mm dimension renders the cover ideally suited for protecting the hinges that are commonly used in a variety of applications. Manufacturing of the covers take place in factory settings that comply with the international quality norms like ISO: 9001 and Singapore Bureus Vitas. This speaks volumes about the superlative quality of the product. Competitive pricing of the product allows you to procure it in bulk and safeguard all hinges comprehensively.

The cover is fatigue resistance. It won’t lose in strength over a period of constant use. The uniform constitution of plastic across its body prevents accumulation of breakage strain on any particular part. Non-brittle and robust, the cover would last a lifetime. Just put them in place and rest assured that the hinges you have invested in would render optimal service under all circumstances however adverse they may seem. The cover is an example of precise engineering and has been manufactured with finesse. The brand name of Excel ensures that you stand to gain more value from similar products from other brands available in the market. Order them now and use them in industrial, residential or commercial set-ups without experiencing any trouble.

  • Measurement: 35mm
  • Color: White
  • Packing:
    AK532: 50pieces/packet
    AK532-PC: 1piece

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