Angle Valve

Angle valve is the undoubtedly the first preference of hygiene lovers worldwide. The bidet adaptor can be installed on the toilet conveniently to facilitate easy washing of hands, genitals and anal region. It is time for you to bid goodbye to scratchy and unsanitary toilet papers and opt for a therapeutic alternative in the form of angle valve. The solid brass construction and chrome finish keeps the valve in top functioning condition even after repeated use. No other product in this segment can compare with the durability, reliability, longevity and efficiency of this valve. The pressure chamber within the valve allows only desirable amount to flow out when the squeeze trigger is moved. This allows for comfortable washing of the body parts while conserving water. Abrasion resistance of the valve ensures that the alluring sheen won’t disappear ever due to ugly scratches or dull patches. Cleaning the valve is easy. Periodic mopping of the structure with non-acidic cleansing liquid would keep the valve in top notch condition. The valve can be installed with the help of a screw driver only through one’s efforts. You need not pay to a handyman to fix the valve on the toilet seat as you can pull off the same on your own. The pressure of the water ejected is consistent even when the pipeline pressure is low. The angle valve prides itself of superlative craftsmanship. It’s super load bearing capacity helps it endure daily hassles without getting bent, twisted or deformed. The valve is backed by a comprehensive warranty. Any manufacturing defect would warrant instant replacement. The bidet has been precisely engineered in controlled factory conditions conforming to ISO: 9001 norms to ensure that you get optimum return on your investment. Its competitive price is the best in its class. Order now!!

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(28mm Diameter)For Bidet
Spray and Other Purpose
2 Tick & 0 Tick, Water Consumption
5.40 liters/min)

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