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SKU: 924 BN BF

Brass Foot for 924/E308 BN

The brass foot allows optimal stabilization of 924 and E308 BN handles. Precisely engineered and exquisitely crafted, the foot fits in seamlessly with the body of the handle. Proper locking mechanism has been provided to ensure that no play occurs. The size is strategic enough to become perfectly aligned with the product. Manufactured out of brass, the body is strong enough to endure load and remain intact without getting deformed or buckled under. Structural brilliance of the foot makes it possible to eliminate undue accumulation of strain on any given part.

This also improves the reliability and longevity of the foot. The foot is immune to rusting and corrosion even after prolonged exposure to moisture or other chemicals. This ensures that there won’t be any metal loss which can potentially compromise the efficiency of the foot. The foot is fire retardant and won’t get deformed due to seasonal variations in temperature. The foot won’t experience any slackness in its body over a period of repeated use. This ensures that stability of the handle is also not adversely impacted. The price of the brass foot has been kept competitive so that you can order them in bulk for fulfilling your needs.

The smooth finish of the surface makes it easy to work with the foot. You can get the foot installed on your own without having to hire the services of handyman. The foot has been manufactured in factory conditions that conform to ISO 9001 and other international standards. This is an added certification for the durability of the product. You won’t come across any performance related issues after installation of the foot. Order now and rest assured of its superior performance, reliability, durability and efficiency. The foot is a state of the art product boasting of exclusive craftsmanship.

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