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Stainless steel hose clamp from Breeze keeps hoses in your washroom or kitchen in an infrangible lock for optimum usability. Dimensionally accurate and strategic, the clamp is available in three size variants of 16mm, 17mm, and 22mm to offer you convenience of usage. Flexible and durable, the clamp is manufactured out of high strength, industry grade stainless steel which provides sufficient stranglehold to maintain the perfect grip. The sealing and locking mechanism is top notch and convenient to use. Long service hours of the clamp can be attributed to its superb corrosion and wear resistance. Despite remaining in contact with water or other chemicals for protracted period, it would not get reduced in mass. Parallel oval grooves have been cut into the body of the clamp for enhancing visual appeal. It is lightweight and easy to use. The load enduring capability of the clamp has been tested and certified under factory conditions. The lock would not give away in spite of ageing or fatigue. Manufacturing process of the clamp complies with the norms of international standards organization, the hallmark of top notch quality. Clamp can be cleaned in hassle free manner. Maintenance cost is nil. It comes backed up with robust guarantee against any manufacturing defect. Durable, efficient and long lasting; the clamp delivers equally well in residential, commercial and industrial setups. The price of the clamp has been kept competitive to ensure that you can afford this stylish plumbing accessory for your contemporary washrooms and kitchens without going overboard with budget. It is shipped to all zip codes across the country at no additional transit charge. Order it now!!

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