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Electric Tea Bottle - 1.5 Litre w/sus304 Infuser, Egg Boiler Tray

This is a combo deal that would motivate you to snag the bargain before others grab it. At just S$99, you can own an electric tea bottle with an egg boiler tray. The capacity of the tea bottle is 1.5 litres, sufficient for storing delicious and invigorating sips for an entire team of guests or family members. The egg boiler tray draws optimum electricity to boil eggs and offer you healthy dose of much deserve energy. The product combo comes from the manufacturing house of ‘Excel’, a brand people across the globe use with confidence.

The eclectic collection also makes for a perfect gifting set. The central body of the tea bottle is made from hardened see through plastic mould. Through the transparent body, you can glance at the crimson liquid placed inside. On the top of the lid, a circular handle allows for lifting of the lid to pour the tea inside. The nozzle through which tea is to be served has been strategically designed to ensure that balanced amount of liquid gets poured in the cups without any spillage.

The electric tea bottle comes with an infuser. You can pour tea leaves in water and then turn on the electricity to allow the leaves to steep and water to soak the flavour. The end product would have a divine taste for sure. Thinking of preparing green tea to control the free radicals in your skin and boost the anti-oxidants in the body, then this electric tea bottle is perfectly built for the same. The accompanying tray allows for eggs to boil for pre-defined time so that you can have perfect breakfast infused with energy and vitality. The large handle of the electric bottle is made from the best insulating material and is shock proof. Place your order now!!

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