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Fire Extinguishing Ball will be the first self activating handheld extinguishing device available commercially in the United States market. Fire Extinguishing Ball is truly a major technological breakthrough, which will rapidly become established as an industry standard in the fire protection market due to the compelling benefits it offers. These include the following:
Ease of use - Minimal training costs, no pins, and no moving or mechanical parts.
Compact and light weight -it's only 1.3 kgs .per ball, people capable of handling.
Self-activating even without people present in the case of fire.
Have sound level impulsive noise 101dB*-140dB*that is not exceed The threshold Limit Values For Physical Agents of American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists that could be as fire-alarm, and be warning for fire and Fire Extinguishing Ball working.
Greater Safety for users - No need to face dangerous flames and gases at close distances.
No false alarms, or tampering - can not be activated without fire.
Flexible, aesthetic design and simple installation - tabletop or wall mount.
No inspection and maintenance requirement for life span of the product - Shelf life of 5 years.
Lower Total Cost of protection over the life span of the product:
One fireball could be extinguishing follow with Testing A,B,C and E.

Nature of Fires
Fire is a chemical chain reaction involving rapid oxidation or burning of fuel. It needs three elements to trigger fire: fuel, oxygen (O2), and heat. Fire chain reaction will occur when all three elements are present in the proper conditions and proportion. To prevent or extinguish a fire, only one of these three elements needs to be eliminated. Fire extinguishers were designed to eliminate heat and oxygen, or creating barrier between fuel and oxygen, depending on the contents of the extinguisher.
A,B,C and E are the most common classes and represent 98% of all fires. The contents in fire extinguishers that have them work are either liquid, or more commonly, dry chemical. Liquid chemical or water is used to reduce the heat, while dry chemicals interrupt the fire reaction by creating a barrier between oxygen and the fuel source. Dry chemical is the most versatile and widely used application for extinguishing of the common Class A,B,C and E fires.

Characteristics of the agent and description of principle of functioning
The agent consists of a protection jacket, extinguishing powder mixture FUREX 770, special pressure equipment and a net of activation ignition cords. After contact with an open fire, the agent activates, the protection jacket of the ball explodes, warning signal is made and released extinguishing powder mixture extinguishes the starting fire in its vicinity.

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