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SKU: EXCEL-1459102

ELWOOD 1.5m Dining Table in Metalic colour leg, Cocoa colour top

Elwood 1.5 meters long dining table in metallic coloured legs and cocoa coloured top is a sheer piece of top notch furniture that accentuates the natural charm of your room décor with its show stopping and trendy looks.

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Salient features of the table:

  • Adequately dimensioned to seat all your family members and guests in one go
  • Carries the right blend of hardwood and composite/ engineered wood to be sturdy enough for enduring the wear and tear induced during parties
  • Finished, polished and factory treated table top offers unparalleled toughness and prevents wear and tear from taking its toll on the life of table
  • The table top would retain its natural sheen and beauty for years without fading in color, chipping or flaking
  • Scratches and nicks which can prove to be an eyesore before guests does not appear on surface as they get blended with the natural color scheme of top
  • Yellowing of table surface would never occur
  • Wooden top treated with thinners that penetrate deeper upon application and durably seal the wooden surface from inside out
  • Cocoa top perfectly complements the atmospheric lighting in the room by allowing an attractive play of colors on surface
  • Best for families with children as marking by your little kids won’t render the glam quotient of the table imperfect
  • Excellent heat resistant quality prevents any deformation or discoloration of table top by utensils carrying hot food
  • Strength and durability of frame bolstered with wooden dowels and specialist wood glues
  • Joinery carried out by expert craftsmen
  • Vital areas of the table are strengthened by screwed corner blocks
  • Use of metal staple fastening for attaching shaping pieces in regions experiencing less stress
  • Cleaning can be done easily with wet cloth without requiring any specialized cleaning chemical

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