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SKU: E905-E-BK

End Bracket for E905-handle

The end bracket for E-905 type handle optimizes the stability and functionality of the handle by extending much needed support. Designed out of industry grade, superlative quality steel and fortified with metallic alloys, the bracket has been certified to endure load and remain undistorted. It has been plated with nickel to offer immunity from moisture induced rusting and oxidation triggered corrosion and metal loss. The bracket is dimensioned at 30 mm long, 20.4 mm wide and 11 mm thick.

The bracket features a central rectangular body made out of solid metal. Two parallel arms project from the top of the rectangle and help to keep the handle aligned with the door. The bracket is an example of precision engineering. It has been designed to last a lifetime. Fire retardant and abrasion resistant, the handle remains unaffected from the seasonal variations in temperature. The handle can withstand pressure on its body and would not buckle. You can clean the handle with ease. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and follow up the action with a dry cloth. However, it is advisable not to use any corrosive liquid scrub as the same can trigger unwanted chemical reaction and damage the finish of the bracket. Another attraction of the bracket is its competitive price.

The bracket is the hallmark of performance excellence. Despite this, the price has been kept really affordable so that you can purchase the same in bulk without denting your wallet. Installation of the bracket is really easy. You can carry out the same on your own without requiring the services of a paid handyman. The screws needed for installation comes packed with the bracket itself. The bracket can be installed on all kinds of cabinets, bookshelves and other doors. You need not take any hassle. Order the bracket now and enjoy the seamless service of the E-905 type handle.


  • Measurement: L23 x W20.4 x H30

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