SKU: GL19-50 S.S


Irex brings at your disposal ultra-useful and precisely designed glass brackets for efficient use with wide array of fixtures. Designed for optimizing stability of the fixtures by robustly withstanding all unfavourable and adverse forces, the brackets offer unparalleled longevity, elegance, durability and reliability.

You would never run into any problem with these brackets. We assure you optimum peace of mind.

Advantages of glass brackets:

  • Standard dimensions of 19mm diameter and 50 mm length render them compatible with wide array of glass fixtures available in the market

  • Stainless steel construction imparts unmatchable strength which prevents any play

  • Dent running along the top of the body has been meticulously made to ensure that sufficient grip is provided

  • Nickel plating on the body prevents rusting, corrosion, and metal loss even after prolonged exposure to moisture or chemicals

  • Lustrous coating prevents any discoloration of the body and keeps shabby patches from appearing on the surface

  • Uniform consistency of metal all along the body prevents fatigue from taking its toll on the body

  • Abrasion free

  • Fortified with alloys for protracted useful life

  • Aerodynamic shape prevents flowing air from exerting pressure on the brackets

  • Capable of dynamically enduring load

  • Load testing of the bracket has been carried out in simulated conditions to ensure that the bracket won’t succumb to harsh operating conditions

  • Won’t get deformed or buckle under additional load mounted

  • Ideal for use in residential, commercial, industrial and other setups

  • Easy to clean

  • External intervention not required to set up the brackets; can be manually done with items readily available

  • Competitively priced to make affordable for everyone to get it sourced

  • Attractive discounts available on bulk orders

  • Shipment of the brackets done to almost all zip and pin codes

  • Fire retardant

  • Precisely engineered for optimum usability

  • Shiny surface enhances the visual appeal of the area where brackets are put in use