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SKU: 3837-250

EXCEL - AL Handle Impeccable Touch

‘Impeccable touch handle from Excel has a flawless design that would make onlookers fall in love with it instantly. Constructed out of aluminium with finesse. This handle is available in seven size variants. The ‘centre to centre’ distance between the holes varies in proportion to the lengths of the handles. This implies that you can use the handle easily with all kinds of cabinets without worrying about the size constraints. You need to just get 5mm holes drilled in the door to fix the handle in place.

Cleaning the handle is a breeze. Just a piece of damp cloth run over the surface would rid the handle of all dirt. Smooth finishing done on the surface prevents scraping off of the aluminium layer even after repeated use. No discoloured patches would ever emerge on the surface. Apart from being abrasion resistant, the handle is fire retardant. The structural integrity of the handle would not be compromised due to seasonal temperature variations.

Uniform distribution of metal all along the body prevents any adverse impact induced by fatigue. The design of the handle is conducive to ease of use. Two elevated strips run along the edges of the handle and facilitate smooth grip of fingers. There are no jagged edges along the surface which can nick the fingers. The price of the handle has been kept competitive to ensure that you can afford the same for your home or office use without being bothered by the price. The handle is shipped to almost all zip codes. The handle optimizes on space and is compatible with escutcheon plates of all types. Use of self-disinfectant metals in small quantities eradicates all disease causing germs that may thrive on the surface. It is a must have accessory for your homes and offices. Order it now!!


  • Measurement:
    3837-200: L200 x W16.5 x H18 (C.C. 128mm)
    3837-250: L250 x W16.5 x H18 (C.C. 160mm)
    3837-300: L300 x W16.5 x H18 (C.C. 224mm)
    3837-350: L350 x W16.5 x H18 (C.C. 256mm)
    3837-400: L400 x W16.5 x H18 (C.C. 320mm)
    3837-450: L450 x W16.5 x H18 (C.C. 320mm)
    3837-500: L500 x W16.5 x H18 (C.C. 384mm)
    3837-600: L600 x W16.5 x H18 (C.C. 416mm)

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