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SKU: 806-105X150 AL


The aluminium cable grommet allows seamless organization of cables without causing them to be entangled inextricably. Through the grommet, cables can be routed to any appliance without causing them to be laid in open sight. Aesthetic alignment of cables at optimal price; you are sure to reap rich dividends from this whitish product. The aluminium has been conditioned for tough use and has been fortified with alloys. This removes all traces of brittleness from the product and the grommet would not succumb to fatigue induced wear and tear even under demanding work conditions. The 806 mm size of the grommet makes it ideal for insertion in standard holes that accompany tables and other objects. The flappy covers on the body of the grommet through which cables are routed eliminate scope of cables sticking together even when ambient temperature rises. This can be attributed to the friction provided by the grommet. You can keep the cables organized and concealed away from active sight. This enhances the appeal of your roomƒ??s d??cor. Chemical attack or rusting would not take its toll on the cables. The competitive pricing of the product adds to its appeal. You can afford it easily without constraining your allocated budget. It comes with a price tag that you wonƒ??t come across elsewhere for similar quality product. We have been able to keep the price low by sourcing the product directly from the factory to your doorsteps without involving any intermediary. Optimal use of indigenous technologies has further driven the price down. Cool discounts can be availed of by ordering the product in bulk. The product is shipped to almost all zip and pin codes across the nation. Our strategic shipment arrangements make procuring the product really easy. You can deploy the grommet in various operating conditions in hassle free manner.

ƒ?? Material: Aluminium

ƒ?? Finish: Satin

ƒ?? Measurement:

150mm: L1:150 L2:105 L3:140 L4:25
270mm: L1:270 L2:105 L3:260 L4:25

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