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Concealed door closer from the globally renowned brand ‘Excel’ is an engineering gem whose smooth performance would bring in more congruity to your personal and professional lives. Equipped with technically accurate dimensions, the closer can streamline closing of the door by taking abruptness out of the process. Designed to handle door weights up to 60 Kg, concealed closer induces mechanical pressure of sorts to spontaneously get an open door closed in a soft manner without producing any jarring noise. You can rest assured that dirt, microbes and other pollutants won’t intrude into your space if the door has been left open inadvertently by any person. The closer would take care of door left ajar after use. The concealed nature of the closer makes it invisible to eyes and projects it as a natural extension of the door. The device is compatible with doors of width in the range of 850mm to 1000mm. The door can be opened comfortably up to an angle of 105 degrees which means users won’t come across any obstruction due to the presence of closer. The dimensions of the closer have been optimally designed to ensure that it continues to deliver stellar performance without any laxation month on month. The closer won’t experience any slackness even after repeated use multiple times in a day and would exhibit same level of efficiency in bringing the door back to its normal closed state. Aluminium is the base metal with which the closer is constructed for unparalleled robustness and unmitigated performance. The silver coating enhances the aesthetics of the closer and makes it seem naturally aligned to the door. The plate attached to the strategic part of the door is connected to the closer device through a strongly built strip that intuitively senses stretching of the door and brings the same back to normal position.

◇ Technical Data

Closing force size : EN2-EN4

Door width size : 850-1000 mm

Max. door weight : 60 kg

Max. door opening angle Approx. : 105°

◇ Measurement : W67 x L230 x H31

◇ Material : Aluminium

◇ Finish : Silver


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