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Excel door closer at best ever price of S$ 54 is an useful product that intuitively brings door left ajar to its natural closed position without causing any discordant noise. Made from aluminium and plated with silver for enhanced aesthetic appeal, the dimensions of the closer are apt for soft closing doors weighing up to 60 Kg. Applying a force of magnitude EN3 on open door, the closer allows the flexibility of opening the door up to an angle of 180 degrees. The spontaneous closing reaction is triggered after the closer senses stretching of its arms. There is no abrupt motion which prevents any inconvenience to door user. The closer can handle doors 800 to 1000mm wide. As the door swings slowly back to its closing position intuitively, you can rest assured that external contaminants and insects wont’ intrude your room. Further, the mechanism also prolongs the life of AC/ HVAC devices which need constant air ambience to operate optimally in energy efficient manner. The joint at which the arms are articulated has been strategically devised to prevent any energy build-up that can lead to wear or tear conducive to premature failure of the device. It is an innovative product that has been subjected to rigorous tests in simulated conditions before being released to the market. The arms won’t get slack over time and same volume of force would be applied to the door without any performance drop. The competitive pricing of the product makes it a must have for your room. In offices, the optimal potential of the product can be realized as heavy traffic through the door won’t compromise the efficiency of AC units operating inside. Door closer from Excel is durable and reliable and would offer sustained performance month after month. The closer is a real asset for both commercial and residential units.

◇ Technical Data

Closing force size : EN3

Door width size : 800-1000 mm

Max. door weight : 60 kg

Max. door opening

angle Approx. : 180°

◇ Measurement: W64 x L180 x H42

◇ Material: Aluminium

◇ Finish: Silver


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