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Excel door closer is a precisely built apparatus that spontaneously brings door left ajar to its natural position after allowing it to open optimally to an angle of 180 degrees. Built from aluminium for sustained performance by absorbing the intensities of frequent and rough usage, the closer is coated with silver for enhanced visual appeal. The dimensions of the closer are compatible with doors sized 850-1100mm and weighing up to 80 Kg. After installing the powerful door closer, you need not worry about dirt, dust or other pollutants entering the room even after the door has been left ajar after use. The closer applies suitable force to bring the door back to its natural closed position. This also prevents any compromise of the efficiency and longevity of air conditioner running within the room. HVAC device’s motor usually has to be shielded from the external ambience to prevent any additional pressure on its motor. With the help of intuitive door closer, you can rest assured that the air conditioner would continue to serve through its useful life and you won’t have to open up the mouth of your wallet for rectifying malfunctioning unit. The arms of the closer are jointed strategically to prevent any energy build-up in the screwed zone. This does away with the problem of wear and tear which may lead to premature failure of the device. Slackness won’t show up in the closer even after repeated use. The device is priced very competitively at S$ 65 which implies that you must get all your doors installed with this functional closer for optimal convenience. The closer is a boon in office areas that experience high traffic through the doors. Doors can be opened wide to allow people and goods to move in easily and then the closers would get them back in place without any manual intervention.

◇ Technical Data

Closing force size : EN2-EN4
Door width size : 850-1100 mm
Max. door weight : 80 kg
Max. door opening angle Approx. : 180°

◇ Measurement : W53 x L220 x H42

◇ Material : Aluminium

◇ Finish : Silver


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