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EXCEL - Double Layer Rack

The spacious double layer rack from Excel features two tiered basket system. The angular hooks at the top end of the system allow for suspending the product from vertical hanging rod with absolute ease. The industry grade material is an assurance of the fact that the baskets won’t get deformed under the load of the materials stacked on them. The polished chrome finish is a visual treat and makes the onlookers awe with its sublime charm.

The baskets have dimensions of 350mm length, 160mm width and 340mm height. The base of the baskets has been made out of parallel cylindrical rods strategically spaced to ensure that items do not slide through the gaps. The baskets are mounted on the rear structure which is to be dangled from the vertical hanging rod.

The protective bracketing along the periphery of the basket ensures that items can be safely placed and fetched from the basket. Each basket has one added layer of central support in the form of a cylindrical rod running horizontally along the centrefold.

The commodious baskets offer multiple utilities in your kitchen, shop or other places. The competitive pricing of the product makes it a must have asset for every location. The structure is durable, reliable and can bear significant amount of load without buckling under. Cleaning and washing of the structure is really easy.

There is sufficient space between the two racks which ensure that objects and items of variable sizes can be placed at the bottom rack. The structure wont’ lost its shine with age as the chrome plating has been industrially done to perfection for lasting a lifetime. Elegant and stylish, the double layer rack from the house of Excel is a must have for every home and other location.


  • Basket Size: 350mm x 160mm x 340mm (L x W x H)
  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing: Polished Chrome

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