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The anti-slip mat to be placed along the bottom of D type drawer is a stellar product that makes storing things within the drawer a convenient experience. Designed out of best quality plastic and fortified with chemical additions, the mat prides itself of great insulation and frictional properties. This implies that when the mat is placed inside the bottom plate of drawer and items are kept over it, no damaging static electricity would be generated. The rugged strength renders it durable and reliable. Jagged edges of objects with which it is expected to come in contact with won’t abrade or tear the mat.

The mat has been strategically designed to serve you for protracted periods without giving any trouble. The maintenance free mat can be ordered in a roll and you can easily sever off the length that you require for your drawer. The mat has been priced competitively and comes with a reasonable cost tag that is way below other similar products available in the market. The absence of intermediaries, sourcing of raw materials from leading suppliers, and deployment of indigenous manufacturing technologies has resulted in such unbelievably low price. You can order the product in bulk and enjoy attractive discounts.

It would be shipped to any location across the country as our shipment arrangement covers almost all zip and pin codes. The soft texture of the translucent mat gives a smooth satin fee when touched. Sturdy design of the mat makes it fit for usage in various conditions pertaining to industrial, residential and commercial backdrops. Sufficient length of mat is present in every roll which you can unwind and cut off as per your requirement. The mat surface reflects off the incident light with a soft gleam that is visually tantalizing. The productive life of this durable mat would delight you.

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