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The rear brackets for D1 type drawer, both right and left, have been constructed out of poly-vinyl chloride which is a material known for its tenacity and strength. With the help of these ruggedly built brackets, the process of assembling and installing the drawer becomes really easy. The strategic shape of the bracket is conducive to swift assembling of drawer as the notches, holes, and indents have been provided in right positions. Extensive research has been conducted to ensure that the brackets are compatible with the design of drawer. The top plate of the bracket has two oval holes punched on it. The projecting hook of the drawer gets entangled into the bracket holes seamlessly and forms a strong lock that is resistant to abrupt lurches. The bracket can dynamically bear load in the range of 25-30 kg easily. The load enduring capability of the bracket has been tested and certified through rigorous tests under demanding conditions. The milky white brackets are produced from industry grade superior quality steel and fortified with alloys for durability, longevity and reliability. The brackets would not buckle under the pressure of the objects placed within drawer. Temperature induced deformities would not occur. There is no scope of fatigue induced wear and tear as well as internal breakages. The competitive pricing of the product adds to its appeal. You can afford it easily without constraining your allocated budget. It comes with a price tag that you won’t come across elsewhere for similar quality product. We have been able to keep the price low by sourcing the product directly from the factory to your doorsteps without involving any intermediary. Optimal use of indigenous technologies has further driven the price down. Cool discounts can be availed of by ordering the product in bulk. The hallmark of excellence that Excel is associated with becomes evident from the strategic and useful design of the brackets.


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