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This stellar glass or wooden door overlay hinge with adjustable hinge comes from the globally acclaimed manufacturing house of ‘Excel’. The hinge is innovative in nature and allows for closure of door with absolute ease and grace without causing any discordant noise. The adjustable MP spontaneously closes the door after the same has been left ajar. The sound dampening feature and strong spring ensure that the slightly open door does not close with a thud and sound, if any, is sufficiently muffled for smooth close.

The MP is unique in the sense that spring resistance is provided up to 250 cycles. Another attraction of the product is its low price. At only S$19, it is a must have accompaniment for every door. In corporate environment, the amount of noise generated in the workspace conveys positive or negative impression of your professional commitments. In the absence of this hinge, the doors may get closed with a thud and this may leave a distractive impression on your clients. You must have your doors fitted with this very competitively priced hinge to ensure that discordant noise jarring to the ears are optimally minimized. The hinge has been manufactured out of superlative quality steel that is industry grade and tested to function smoothly consistently.

Even after repeated use, the spring of the MP won’t get lax and would continue to deliver seamless service month on month. The springs are constructed from superior grade steel that renders it flexible and durable. The appeal of the hinge has been visually enhanced to ensure that it conveys cool look that would add to the glamour of the room décor. The stylish hinge is a product of superior engineering that Excel’s BTC brand is known for. It would last a lifetime. Installation, disassembling or dismantling is relatively easier.


  • Mirror Cabinet Door Hinge, Soft-Closing
  • For doubled-sided mirror doors or inner mirror face
  • Opening Angle: 125°
  • Self-closing and free swinging
  • Recommended glass door thickness 3-6mm
  • Adhesion distance (K): 0-16.5mm
  • Select the correct mounting plates for overlay or inset door needs
  • Glued on mirror, no need to route or drill the mirror doors.
  • Please check with your glass or door supplier concerning the correct adhesive to be use.

Limitation of liability:

As the adhesive and / or adhesive process are beyond our control EXCEL cannot accept liability for claims in this regard. (125 Degree, For Glass/Wooden Cabinet Door)

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