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The side metal box panel for make drawers of 500 mm length is ideally suited for enhancing the height of the edge to set the drawer apart from adjacent one. Two lines of perforations run parallel along the top and bottom lengths of the metal box. On the top edge, the extended portion is folded inside to create a protective casing that easily slides along the connecting rod or other holding mechanism provided at the sides of the drawer. You can easily install the metal box in tool free manner without requiring any assistance of handyman. The box prevents items stored within the drawer from inadvertently rolling over to the adjacent drawer by creating sufficient safeguard. It is constructed out of superior quality steel material whose hardness has been fortified with alloys.

The product would not break apart under mounting pressure and is heat retardant. This implies that no deformity would set in even in various temperature variations. The metal box does not succumb to moisture induced rusting, chemical spillage triggered corrosion, and fatigue induced wear and tear. The product has been priced competitively and comes with a reasonable cost tag that is way below other similar products available in the market. The absence of intermediaries, sourcing of raw materials from leading suppliers, and deployment of indigenous manufacturing technologies has resulted in such unbelievably low price. You can order the product in bulk and enjoy attractive discounts. It would be shipped to any location across the country as our shipment arrangement covers almost all zip and pin codes.

The constitution of the metal used for manufacturing the product is uniform all along the body and this consistency renders smoothness of texture and robustness of performance. Maintaining the side panel is easy. You can wipe off stains or traces of dust on the body with a damp cloth.

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