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Soft Closing Double Wall System with Swarovski Crystal-grey

The soft closing double wall system with Swarovski crystal is available in three dimensional variants. There is optimum amount of space available within the drawer for you to store valuables. The crystal adds inimitable glamour to the tray. Presence of soft closure system ensures that no discordant noise is produced if the drawer is slammed close. The handle has been strategically provided with the cove sufficiently recessed to provide adequate grip for the fingers. You need not exert heavy muscular force to operate the system.

The ball bearing equipped runners and strategically shaped brackets tranform minimal force applied by the arms into sufficient energy needed that spontaneously closes the drawer if shoved gently. The dynamic load bearing capacity of the system has been tested under demanding conditions in factory set-up. The drawer is capable of enduring load up to 30 Kg with relative ease. The body has been electroplated to keep rusting, corrosion and abrasion at bay. The crystal enhances the visual appeal of the product. The competitive pricing of the product adds to its appeal. You can afford it easily without constraining your allocated budget. It comes with a price tag that you won’t come across elsewhere for similar quality product.

We have been able to keep the price low by sourcing the product directly from the factory to your doorsteps without involving any intermediary. Optimal use of indigenous technologies has further driven the price down. Cool discounts can be availed of by ordering the product in bulk. The product is shipped to almost all zip and pin codes across the nation. Our strategic shipment arrangements make procuring the product really easy. The constitution of the metal used for manufacturing the product is uniform all along the body and this consistency renders smoothness of texture and robustness of performance.

Soft Closing Drawer With Crystals from Swarovski®

Soft-closing Dark Grey Double Wall System With Crystals from Swarovski®

  • Concealed, Full Extension
  • Dynamic Load Capacity: 40kg
  • Tool free assembly and removal of drawer
  • Silent sytem guarantees smooth run without noise
  • Up and down adjustment, left and right adjustment
  • Finish: Dark Grey

Product Advantages:

  • Smooth-running drawer with drawer stop
  • Last few centimetres of the drawer is self-closing
  • Up and down / left and right adjustments
  • Three-dimensional front adjustment produces accurate gap alignment
  • Easy height and side adjustments
  • Tool free assembly and removal of drawer
  • Silent system guarantees smooth run without noise
  • Top architects' and interior designers' choice
  • You can view and get full access on what's inside the drawer that can be pulled out all the way
  • Smooth-running drawer with drawer stop
  • SWA-D500: 500L x 80H x 125H
  • SWA-D1500: 1500L x 80H x 125H
  • SWA-D2500: 2500L x 80H x 125H


  • Finish: Dark Grey

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