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soft closing hinge with adjustable mounting plate has been engineered with finesse to ensure that you have a seamless experience while operating your cabinet door. The strategic design absorbs violent energy generated when closing the door forcefully. The hinge’s advanced mechanism transforms the kinetic energy into potential energy that facilitates soft and jarring noise free closure.

Hinges that you need to order would depend on the door’s width, height and material type. Pave way for smooth and dignified door closing by taming the violent energy imparted during slamming. ISO 9001:2008 Bureau Veritas certificate is an assurance of top notch quality of the hinge.


  • Opening Angle: 100°
  • Depth of hinge cup: 10mm
  • Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm
  • Possible drilling dristances on the door (K): 3-7mm
  • Range of door thickness: 14-24mm
    (Half Overlay, Cabinet Door Thickness: 12mm)

Salient features of the hinge:

  • Innovative technology optimized to improve efficiency, functionality and durability
  • Standard hinge of variable degree movement for smooth cranking of hinge arms
  • Adjustable mounting plate accompanied with the hinge for optimum pressure control
  • Constructed out of industry grade superlative quality steel alloy for unparalleled strength, endurance, longevity and reliability
  • Unparalleled flexibility offered while connecting hinge cup, mounting plate and door panel for fulfilling your diverse needs
  • Installation can be done swiftly in safe and simple manner
  • Screws needed for installing comes bundled up with the product
  • Usage of door streamlined through convenient three dimensional cam adjustment
  • Door opening in any desired direction facilitated by strategic hinging
  • A gentle push on the door would spontaneously propel it open or close without straining your muscles
  • Helps in overcoming space constraints
  • Compatible with doors of variable thickness
  • Accurate gap alignment facilitated by 3-D front adjustment
  • Implementation of advanced Clip-on technology allows for mounting and removing of door fronts with ease and swiftness; tested and proven
  • Easy adjustment of height and side related alignments
  • Suited for wardrobe and kitchen cabinet doors
  • Certified by Singapore Tuv-Sud-Psb test accreditation committee
  • First preference of renowned architects and high profile interior designers for prestigious projects

Hinge Installation Manual / Specifications

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