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SKU: E301-H37XD40

EXCEL - Elegance Diamond Knob-Chrome With Crystal

Elegance diamond knob, chrome with crystal, from Excel is an eclectic masterpiece that would leverage the visual appeal of your room décor instantly. The crystal emulates a diamond in appearance. It has been faceted meticulously to allow brilliant play of alluring colours when light is incident on it. The base has been constructed out of industry grade best quality steel alloy. Designed for enduring load and remaining unscathed for prolonged period of usage, the base has been chrome plated for enhancing its natural lustre.

The knob is compatible with entire range of cabinets, bookshelves and other doors widely used. Its dimensions, 37 mm height and 40 mm depth, render it ideal for installation with different door types. A single 5 mm diameter hole needs to be drilled into the door to keep it intact. Doors with 16-21 mm width are best suited for these knob types.

The knob prides itself for a number of advantages. The crystal is attached to the base through a robust locking mechanism accomplished in factory. This ensures that the body won’t come off the base even of violent energy is applied on it. The crystal has been treated with self-disinfecting metallic wash. This makes it impossible for disease causing contagious microbes to thrive on it. The base can be easily installed on different types of escutcheon plates to prevent soiling of door with dirty fingers. Smooth finish allows for comfortable grip. The knob can be cleaned easily by running a damp cloth over its surface and then following up the process with a dry cloth. The chrome plating on the base prevents it from corrosion, metal loss and rusting.

The knob is made available at jaw-dropping low price. You can easily afford it in bulk and deck up all your cabinets with these designer knobs.


  • Measurement: H37 x D40
  • Installation note:

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