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EXCEL - Elegance Round Knob-Chrome With Crystal

Round knob- chrome with crystal is a meticulously carved masterpiece which reflects the creativity of craftsman optimally. Designed to enhance the visual appeal of your door, the eclectic knob instantly accentuates the beauty of your décor. Fine faceting of the crystal allows play of psychedelic colours in kaleidoscopic mode when light is incident on it. The glory of the knob is hard to overlook.

The base of the knob has been constructed out of industry grade steel alloy designed to last a lifetime. 5 mm diameter hole needs to be drilled in the door to hold the knob in place. The chrome plating on the base renders it inimitable lustre and also keeps the degrading effect of air and water at bay. You can rest assured that the base would not succumb to rusting, corrosion or metal loss due to oxidation. The base sits perfectly with escutcheon plates to prevent soiling of the door with dirty fingers.

Dimensionally, the knob is 42 mm high and 55 mm wide which makes it compatible with all kinds of cabinets, bookshelves, and door types. The crystal sphere dominates the base visually which implies that the brilliance of light would cross the gaze on onlookers. The crystal has been alloyed with traces of self-disinfecting metallic elements. This ensures that disease causing contagious germs that may settle down from the hands of ailing persons won’t get transmitted to healthy persons. The microbes get instantly killed.

The strategic shape of the crystal allows comfortable grip. The knob is suitable for doors with 16 to 21 mm width. Cleaning the knob is easy. Just wipe the surface off with a damp cloth and follow the same up with dry cloth. Refrain from using corrosive liquid scrub as it can tarnish the sheen.

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  • Measurement: H42 x W55
  • Installation note:


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