The soft closing barn door system from Excel Felciano is an eclectic access control device that is easy to operate and lasts long.

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◇ Soft-Closing Function

◇ Door weight:40-70kg
* Door excluded

◇ Installation Manual:Download

◇ Salient features include:
- The door can be installed on all types of walls except bubble and hollow types
- Track of length equivalent to twice of door opening width plus 260mm needs to be installed for gliding the door
- Bearings which can withstand the load of the door and facilitate streamlined motion are provided
- Only 10.5 mm holes need to be trepanned in the wall for installing the mechanism
- Dampers provided to muffle any noise produced during sliding of the door
- Stoppers strategically provided at the end of the track prevents the door from jumping out of the track
- Anti-jumping rubber cushion mat provided to restrict the motion of the door within the stretch of the track only
- Bottom guide facilitates sliding of the door along the desired path in chosen direction seamlessly
- Bottom track keeps the motion of the door in sync with the top track
- Decorative profile provided to conceal the screws from onlookers’ gaze and heighten the visual appeal of the interior décor
- Soft to touch handle provided for ease of gripping and moving the door
- Door manufactured out of highest quality industry grade wood and ABS plastic to ensure longevity and durability
- Door would not succumb to seasonal changes in temperature
- Fire-retardant, immune to mould and mildew growth; deformation proof; termite resistant
- Door colour can be chosen to complement the hue of the wall against which it is installed
- Muscular effort need not be applied to operate the door, a simple nudge would actuate the door panel on the tracks
- Perfect closing assured; dust and other contaminants won’t intrude your space
- All needful accessories come bundled up with the door panel




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