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EXCEL - Handle Comfort Bow

The comfort bow handle from excel has been designed to emulate a bow. The smooth curve and fine texture make it convenient to use the handle. Strategic arching allows comfortable grip on the handle. At 155mm length, 20mm width and 29mm height; the dimensions are conducive to use of the handle with a variety of cupboard, cabinet, bookshelf and other doors. The centre to centre distance between countersinks is 128mm. Only 5mm diameter holes are needed to get the handle fixed in place on doors with 16-21mm width.

The handle is available in two eclectic finishes of impeccable black and brushed nickel. All edges have been smoothened to ensure that there are no jagged projections which can accidentally nick the fingers of the user. Electroplating of the surface prevents prolonged exposure to moisture or air from having rusting or corrosive impact on the handle’s body. Seasonal variations in ambient temperature won’t take its toll on the shape of the body through deformation. Unique alloying prevents obstinate dirt from settling down on the handle which eliminates any potential of discoloration or emerging of dirty patches. Installation of escutcheon plate under the handle can be carried out with ease for preventing soiling of the door’s surface with dirty finger impressions.

Uniform constitution of metal all along the handle’s body prevents any deformation due to accumulation of unwanted strain on any particular part. Awesome fatigue resistance keeps the structural integrity of handle intact even after repeated use. Abrasion resistance prevents scratches or peeling off of surface plating. Addition of traces of self-disinfecting metals like copper and silver kills disease causing germs the moment they settle down from the hands of infected person; no potential of transmission of infectious germs to healthy persons. Cleaning can be done easily with damp cloth soaked in mild cleansing liquid; run it over the surface and then follow up with mopping by a dry cloth.


  • Measurement: L155 x W20 x H29 (C.C.: 128mm)
  • Finishing: Impeccable Black / Brushed Nickel

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