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SKU: 821-128 BSN

EXCEL - Handle Comfort Convex

The immaculately arched handle from Excel is a reflection of creative brilliance of artist and fine craftsmanship of designer. This splendid handle wears a chrome finish that deflects incident light rays in eye catching angles for optimum beauty. The handle is available in two size variants (lengths of 114mm and 162mm) which render it dimensionally compatible with the entire array of your cabinets, bookshelves, wardrobes and other doors. Built from industry grade, superior quality zinc and steel alloys, the handle exhibits exceptional resistance to fatigue induced wear and tear, moisture triggered rusting and metal loss, and variable temperature induced deformation.

Cleaning the handle is easy. Just run a damp cloth over its surface and follow up the process with a dry cloth. This would rid the surface of all traces of dirt and also restore the natural sheen of the product. In order to eliminate any potential of transmission of disease causing germs from an infected person to a healthy one, self-disinfectant metal traces have been added in the alloy. The handle is compatible with escutcheon plates and can be installed with ease over it. Only 5 mm diameter holes are needed to be drilled in the door to hold the product in place.

The strategic design allows for easy, comfortable and convenient gripping and operation. The smooth surface has been given the perfect finish in factory settings that conform to ISO 9001 and Bureau Veritas certified standards. This implies that the top layer would not be peeled off even after repeated use and no discoloured patches would ever appear. This state of the art handle is available at a jaw-dropping affordable price that is easy on your pocket. The handle is shipped to almost all zip codes due to our strategic shipment arrangements with leading courier services. Order it now!!


  • Measurement:
    821-96 BSN: L114 x W11 x H27 (C.C. 96mm)
    821-128 BSN: L162 x W11 x H29 (C.C. 128mm)

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