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SKU: 835-128 IB

EXCEL - Handle Conglomeration Spot

This handle from Excel has small square depressions punched uniformly along its central part. This signature styling allows it to make a unique and bold statement that is bound to grab appreciative eyeballs of onlookers. Constructed out of industry grade alloy, the handle is available in two dimensional variants. This makes it a perfect companion for your cabinet, wardrobe or other doors. The smooth textures glows in the finish of brushed nickel, impeccable black or silver brushed nickel.

The lustre produced by the brilliant play of light rays incident on the handle creates a surreal ambience that takes the appeal of your room d??cor to the next level. The handle has been designed for offering comfortable grip to your fingers. You can easily clean the handle by running a damp cloth over the surface and following it up with a mopping by dry cloth. The handle carries traces of self-disinfectant metals like silver which prevents disease causing germs to survive on it. You can use the handle with assuredness that infectious and contagious germs from a diseased person would not be transmitted to you.

Apart from the elegance, the handle is compatible with a wide range of escutcheon plates. This implies that you can install the handle on the cabinet or wardrobe of your desire without having to worry about the doorƒ??s texture getting soiled by dirty fingers. The handle is fatigue resistant and would never buckle under pressure of repeated usage. Competitive pricing makes affording the handle easier on your pocket. The electroplating on the handle has been done in factory conditions that comply to ISO:9001 norms. You can rest assured that the coating on the surface would not be peeled off resulting in discoloured patches ever. Order now and give your cabinets a distinctive personality of their own.

  • Measurement:
    835-96 BN / IB:L125 x W17.5 x H26 (C.C.: 96mm)
    835-128 IB:L158 x W17.5 x H29 (C.C.: 128mm)
    835-160 BSN / IB:L190 x W17.5 x H31 (C.C.:160mm)
    835-384 BN:L420 x W23 x H32 (C.C.: 384mm)
  • Code:
    BSN: Brushed Nickel Sliver
    IB: Impecabble Black
    BN: Brushed Nickel


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