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EXCEL - Handle D Comfort

The D shaped stylish handle from Excel redefines comfort and class. The futuristic design and fluid body are demonstrative of eclectic craftsmanship and exquisite designing. Manufactured with finesse in industrial set-ups that conform to ISO 9001 international benchmarks, the handle would set your room décor ablaze with sheer warmth of unique design.

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  • Measurement: L135 X W24 X H30 (C.C.: 128mm)
  • Finishing: Brushed Nickel
Salient features of the handle:
  • Manufactured out of highest grade metal and other alloys for unparalleled strength
  • Stain chrome plating on the surface prevents metal loss due to rusting or corrosion
  • Subdued gleam reflected off the surface of the handle renders it the focal point of the area
  • Décor of the space is accentuated sufficiently by the streamlined looks
  • Sufficient grip is provided to the palm when clutching the handle
  • Firm alignment of the handle with the door does not require you to exert more energy for opening the door; even a small flick would open or close the door
  • Addition of self-disinfecting metal to the body prevents harmful disease causing germs from thriving or getting transmitted to other users
  • Uniform constitution of metal all along the body prevents accumulation of unwanted strain on any particular position
  • Cleaning of the handle can be done easily with the help of a damp cloth
  • The satin finish remains intact even after repeated use
  • No discoloured patches would appear after some time of installation
  • Can be installed on one’s own without requiring any handyman’ intervention
  • Affordable price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket
  • Escutcheon plate can be easily installed underneath the handle to prevent soiling of the door
  • Smooth to touch with a silky feel
  • Sleek design that bestows it a timeless look which would remain contemporary for ever
  • Won’t get deformed due to seasonal variations in temperature


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